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A Bit About the Owner                Alicia Brooks

Putting laughter into life.

Growing up in poverty with six siblings my mother always instilled in us to make the best out of any situation. You definetely don't have to be wealthy to enjoy life. Sometimes a laugh or a dance could take you into a brighter place.  I love to see people happy and enjoying life no matter what their circumstances are. My family and friends are everything to me and I want to share some of my family values with everyone. Bold and Precious is here to bring smiles and fun and is a honor to me.

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Speaking Engagements

At BOLD AND PRECIOUS, we like to present ourselves in a positive way.  We take pride in our customers and like to interact as much as possible. At the end of the day, we're all human. We’re driven to offer superior service.  Your feedback is very important to us. 

Be sure to continue to check our site for upcoming events and engagements. Our customers are always welcomed.

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Cute Notebooks


BOLD AND PRECIOUS was established  with one mission: to bring families and friends together with positive energy and laughter.  We are taking on  a new and fresh approach to the greeting card community and game nights that will correspond with our every day life. We pride ourselves on offering a superior shopping experience and hope to build  relationships with customers.

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