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This was a great game for Sunday family day. It shows you what you can expect in real life events. We as a family played it more than once back to back. If you have not bought the game, I recommend you do and you will not be disappointed.

Lillian C.
Chicago, IL

Mookie Boss Up Review.png

A great game to play with your teenagers to show them the principals of earning money to spend money. Money do not grow on trees. Most importantly to NEVER GIVE UP even if you fall. Click link below for full video experience.

Domonetrice B.
Chicago, IL


Played this game with the family and we truly enjoyed it. The game gives you real life situations that you have to play to see if you can Boss Up and get your life on the right track to win the game. Great family game to play.

Darlene L.
Chicago, IL

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